Wednesday, March 25, 2009

layout designs

i especially like the sketch layout of the Scarlett Louise, personally my ideal layout. I also include two links and I like the utility area incorporated in the lazy daisy design, excellent use of space and household goods.

Saturday, February 28, 2009

Internet Connection

I have been trialling this 3G router out and can say without doubt it is the best solution for those without land lines. Having cancelled my landline subscription in favour of 3G (I get 10 gig usage a month all for £25 - I was paying for a core line £12.90 and broadband £17.99 total £30.89)

It comes with an external antenna connection, i also have my back up hard drive plugged into as well as my printer. Speeds are very good much better than I was getting on my 2MB broadband connection.

I shall definetely be installing this on my narrowboat when I come to buy.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

I currently have around 275 DVD films which I plan to sell at a car boot sale but only after I have transferred them to the 500 gig hard drive i recently bought. To think I can get a book case full of DVD films stored into a small silver box no bigger than a 7 x 5 photo frame! Not only will this free up storage but it will act as a DVD jukebox. No more hunting around for that certain film ever again!
I am quite minimalist in my bricks and mortar home lifestyle and the idea of transferring this to narrowboat living is a big appeal to me and also the nomadic lifestyle too. This picture shows an LCD screen freestanding in a built in wood surround. My idea would be to have a built in 32in LCD screen mounted into the side with a much narrower profile with the speakers mounted into the ceiling. I use a 20in imac here at home running OS leopard (I also have three laptops running windows xp, vista and the new beta windows 7), but i much prefer my mac. I will probably have a mac computer on board running as a server holder all my music, video, and internet services feeding two screens - one in bedroom and one in the saloon.
I think this link is probably the closest to my ideal layout. from the helm going inwards , there is a small area for storing boaty things, then through to galley, (i like the eye level oven), then forward to the saloon, - again I would have a centre fireplace. I don't like the through shower space and would opt instead of shower,toilet,sink enclosed with the corridor running sidewards to the master fixed double bed.

Design - The Entertainment system.

I personally watch far too much tv. A keen film enthusiast I love classics from Brief Encounter to sci fi movies to actions films such as Transporter, hence a good quality satellite system would be a high pre-requisite for myself. LCSleisure provide a mirriad of dishes and this would form the start of my digital entertainment system.

As well as fixed mounted auto tracking satellite dishes there are free standing auto tracking ones as well. These have the added advantage that should you be moored up under trees or other objects blocking reception these can be positioned anywhere throughout the boat, even under awning. My preferred option would be a 60cm Teleco Magicsat automatic satellite tracking system, with twin LNB coupled together with a Sky+ 160gb decoder allowing recording of over 80 hours of TV. It has simple operation, pause live TV and the option to record two channels at once, or watch one channel whilst recording another. This would be linked to screens, speakers in lounge and bedroom and also connected to the main computer to allow recording to DVD.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Design - The Saloon

So as you come in from steering the boat, you come down the steps into the galley where your eye is immediately drawn to the focal point which is a centre standing multifuel stove.I have placed some examples of how this would look, though in my final design I would place the fireplace more central and slightly narrower so the seating could run all the way up the side to the stove. In the top left picture, imagine the built in cabinet where the fireplace enabling the seating to run up to the side to the cabinet. This would be my ideal layout for a cosy saloon to take away the corridor effect. I also detest those stand alone seats you often find in saloons. Instead I would opt for a luxurious built in seating in an L shape. So the L would start from the galley and run down parallel one side of the boat to the cabinet next to the fireplace. Many of the built in seating I have seen look uncomfortable - like an old train waiting room. For comfortable built in seating you need a seat width of at least 2 feet depth. I would prolly opt for a tan leather for ease of cleaning and wear and tear. The added bonus is it provides an extra berth with built in storage.

Design - The Galley

Having viewed the many variants of galley, saloon and bedroom layouts, when it comes time for my own build I shall choose the aft galley with slate flooring. The pros of this are as follows:

1/ wet clothing and shoes can be slipped off here and not traipsed through the rest of the cabin.

2/ hot beverages can be quickly made.

3/ more sociable hub.

4/ cooking odours can be easily aired.

I plan on using granite worktops with a sunken sink. I use to be a chef and abhor sinks which are slotted in to cutout templates on worktops. They are places for bacteria and dirt to build up.